Ed & Karen Jensen
Ed & Karen Jensen, YWAM Baguio

Equipping teams to reach Asia for Christ.

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Why Asia

While serving in a closed country of Asia, Ed and Karen learned of many religious leaders who were still relatively new Christians. While discipling many, the worst happened: the Jensens had to leave their host nation due to security concerns. It broke their hearts to witness firsthand just how hard it is for fledgling discipleship movements to gain momentum at expanding God's kingdom, while at the same time grow deeper in understanding of biblical truth under the harshest of religious restriction.

Your support launches pioneering teams where less than 1% of the population has even heard of salvation through Jesus Christ!

The Crisis in Asia

Natural disasters wreak havoc throughout Asia: typhoons, flooding, landslides, earthquakes - even volcanoes! Despite the regular occurrence of such calamities, many people remain ill-equipped and caught off guard, unskilled in the fields of primary healthcare and first aid.

Partnering with YWAM Baguio, the Jensens are pioneering response teams all over the Philippines in order to deploy quickly whenever disaster strikes in Asia!

Such crises call for action. Your support deploys response teams to disaster-stricken areas!

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What Partners are Saying
Assad (Secure Name)
Scholarship Recipient
The Jensens are reaching to the nations, especially closed nations. We are the fruit of their ministry and vision for closed nations. This fruit will last forever and grow as well, just as Jesus shared in John 15:8; 16.
Regular Supporter
The Jensens have served internationally over twenty years. In each location, they have shown themselves to be accountable with regard to a number of projects they have engaged upon. Through their pictures, stories, and prayer requests, I have felt such a part of their ministry. It's amazing to see the things God has accomplished in them and through ministry to such a wide range of people. What a joy to be a part of what God is doing through them!
Volunteer at YWAM Baguio
Karen and Ed are great friends to have. Their dedication and commitment to co-staff is amazing. I am privileged to be one of those staff. They are encouraging and generous, always willing to help whenever they can. They helped me a lot, especially with editing English documents that enabled me to serve long-term on the mission field. They are good friends indeed.
Ministry Partners
Many great churches and ministries are helping us reach the lost in Asia.

Help Reach the Next Generation of Leaders

You can impact the lives of tomorrow's leaders with the Gospel. Your support helps future influencers and leaders experience the freedom of Christ's love today.
I used to ask God to help me. Then I asked if I might help Him. I ended up by asking God to do His work through me. —Hudson Taylor